Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors:

Automatic sliding doors operators as individual solutions for today’s living requirements, with the pioneering magnetic levitation operating principle. Its integrated Soft Motion technology makes it an exceptionally quiet operator offering an outstanding level of safety. Automatic sliding doors are applicable with all commercial and residential entrances and partitions. automatic sliding doors are of two major types, sliding automatic sliding doors and swing automatic doors. Automatic sliding doors brings lot of advantage to the end users by providing world-class technology as their door. With the help of automatic sliding doors, lot of space and time can be saved.

Compact thickness of toughened glass used for automatic sliding doors is 8mm and 10mm.There are many design options available with automatic sliding doors like single leaf opening and double leaf openings with automatic sliding doors. The sensor working capacity is up to 6meters in automatic sliding doors. In interior glass partition automatic sliding doors contributes major role as best solution to maintenance and convenient aspects to facilitate the corporate office interiors and residential partitions. In terms of space allocation and premium interior design works automatic sliding doors stands special option.

In automatic sliding doors, floor guide used at the bottom of the sliding door act as glass leaf guide for the movement of door both opening and closing.In automatic sliding doors many hardware are used like automatic sliding doors mechanisms like sensor machine,automatic sliding doors accessories,electric points for the operation of automatic sliding doors,floor guide to guide the automatic sliding doors and lock. Any glass design can be made with the help of automatic sliding doors mainly used for glass partition work in interior and exterior projects. automatic sliding doors mainlys providers solid strength and durability for glass partition work based on architecture designs in modern office partitions. Inautomatic sliding doors mainly architectural hardware are made of forged brass and 316 stainless steel cover plates.

Automatic sliding doors are the best solution available till date with many designing options available for the architecture and interior designers. Automatic sliding doors are one of the premier replacement for all other partition works. Appart from wall glass partition,glass partition can be also used as roof partition and floor partition works involving various hardware designs and models to suit almost all the dream designs. In near future glass partition work will dominate all rest of the partition work and the complete building can be glass made with the emerge of glass partition concept.