Glass Doors

Glass Doors:

Glass doors are of many types and designs. Typical frameless glass door is a combination of toughened glass and Glass doors architectural hardware. Glass doors are the major components in interior glass partition works. There are various Glass doors hardware available for glass partitions like patch fittings, kolan fittings and glass door-railing systems. Various thicknesses of toughened glasses are used for glass doors like 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Glass doors have patch fittings like top patch, bottom patch, top pivot, floor spring, handle and lock. Floor springs for the glass doors are based on the size of the Glass doors like for 80kg doors, 100kg doors and 120 kg doors.

Different design types of handles are available for glass doors like H-type, D-type and many more with various sizes from 200 mm length to match the total height of Glass doors. Glass doors are usually manual opening and auto closing with the application of floor spring that operates under hydraulic mechanism. All the dimensions of glass doors can be fabricated on the bases of design and convenient. Lifetime of any Glass doors can be measured between 8 to 10 years if the maintenance regulations are properly taken care as per the manufacturer instructions.

In patch fittings glass doors many hardware are used like top patch fittings, bottom patch fittings, patch fittings lock, patch fittings clamps and lock. Any glass design can be made with the help of frameless patch fittings mainly used for glass partition work in interior and exterior projects. Patch fittings glass doors providers solid strength and durability for glass partition work based on architecture designs in modern office partitions. In patch fittings architectural hardware are made of forged brass and 316 stainless steel cover plates.

Patch fittings is the best solution available till date with many designing options available for the architecture and interior partition work is one of the premier replacement for all other partition works. Appart from wall glass partition,glass partition can be also used as roof partition and floor partition works involving various hardware designs and models to suit almost all the dream designs. In near future glass partition work will dominate all rest of the partition work and the complete building can be glass made with the emerge of glass partition concept.