Glass Hardware

Glass Hardware:

Leading international and regional brands of all architectural glass hardware for glass concepts like patch fittings, kolan fittings concepts, glass door railing systems, automatic sliding systems, spider glazing harware , canopy concept hardware, shower enclosure concepts and glass door solutions.

Types of hardware:

Glass Door hardware:

Glass door hardware like floor springs, top and bottom patches, pivots, locks and various design centric handles.

Sliding door hardware:

Manual sliding door mechanisms and tracks for both single and double leaf glass doors. Floor guide, flush pull and runners.

Spider glazing hardware:

Spider glazing hardware like 4arm,2arm and single arm spider hardware of various designs and surface finishing.

Shower enclosures hardware:

Shower enclosure hardware like hinges, twel bar, door nob, support bar, water seal, magnet seal and balloon seal.

Canopy hardware:

Designed glass canopy hardware like canopy mechanism, spider fittings, canopy rods, canopy suspension threads.

Automatic Sliding door hardware:

Automatic sliding door mechanisms with or without remote control and floor guide. Both swing and sliding door automatic mechanism.

Hand railing systems and balusters:

Readymade and fabricated balusters, studs and railing systems for hand railing concepts.

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