Glass Hardware

Glass Hardware:

Glass hardware is the stainless steel coated hardware used for installation and erection of toughened glasses in various levels. Glass hardware act as a connector between the structure and the glasses to make the glass stand and with stand various pressure and weight. There are many types of glass hardware like door glass hardware, fixed glass hardware, movable walls glass hardware, shower enclosure glass hardware, spider glazing glass hardware, Stainless steel connecting glass hardware, canopy glass hardware, automatic sliding door glass hardware, sliding door glass hardware, patch fittings glass hardware and many more glass hardware are available to facilitate glass interior and exterior designing.

Glass hardware is made of forged brass coated with 304/316 grade stainless steel to provide best quality, strength, design and durability to the glass works. There are many brands of glass hardware like dorma, ozone, Stanley, define, enox, epco, haflei etc. There are many designs fo glass hardware available to match with designing needs of the architecture and interior designers. Glass hardware support various frameless glass concepts like patch fittings, spider glazing’s, automatic sliding doors, glass doors, shower enclosures, glass canopy, etc.

glass hardware make interior designing easy and durable with its large scope and variety to facilitate desired layout and hardware fittings available for spider glazing like 4 way spider fittings,2 way spider fittings and single way spider fittings to facilitate various spider glazing design options. All the glass hardware is solidly made and various design options are available to suit various requirements of any spider glazing structure of any width and height. Spider glazing concept is considered as most matured glass concept as far as glass works are concerned. glass hardware are made of forged brass coated with stainless steel. Brass is strong and corrosion proof metal. Various finish of spider fittings are available like mirror and mat finish spider fittings