Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures:

Glass partition meant to attain and enjoy difference between Dry and wet areas inside bathrooms. Glass shower enclosure to cover showering area with 90/180/135 degree pentagon dimensional partitions with 8mm toughened glass of 2000mm standard height.

For the shower enclosure openings either swing or sliding door designs can be applied to serve the purpose, design, convenient and budget.

Types of shower enclosures:

Shower partition:

Shower partition using single panel of toughened glass to divide between dry and wet are.

90degree Shower:

Base on the bathroom space 90degree shower enclosures are applied using shower hadware.

180degree shower :

straight line shower partition to divide between wet and dry are in bathroom.

135 degree shower:

pentagon shaped shower partition applied base on the feasibility inside bathroom.

Sliding shower partitions::

Shower enclosure doors using sliding door mechanism. This design option is highly effective to save space inside bathrooms.

Shower Enclosures charts

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