Toughend Glass

Toughend Glass:

Toughened glass are the value added float glass which are tempered and heated to convert it to toughend glass. Toughened glasses are also called as safety glass since it provide complete safety in case of accident breakage. Various sizes of glasses can be toughend to get toughend glass. Toughed glasses are 20 to 30 times stronger than traditional glasses. Toughening process bring strength to toughend glass against breakage and accident. Toughend glass is used for interior and exterior glazing purposes to design and showoff the importance of particular commercial and residential buildings.

Toughend glass add premier beauty and ambience to interior and exterior partitions. Commercialy toughend glass make greater success in the filed of architecture. Various concepts of designing can be achieved with toughed glass. Toughed glass are tailor made glasses once toughed can not be reciprocated. All the designs are possible with various thickness of toughed glass to match the purposes. Various colours of toughed glass are available like brown tinted,green tinted and grey tinted toughed glass to have colourful interior and exterior designs. Toughed glass are installed by various methods with the help of glass architectural hardware like patch fittings. Spider fittings,shower hindges and balusters and more toughed glass hardware. Life time of toughed glass can be between 20-30 years in interior location and 10-15 years in exterior.

Silicon sealants are used to pack the gap between tow toughened glasses. Toughend glass bring lot of advantage to modern infrastructure. Toughened glass gives best safety measures when it comes to accidental breakage by scattering like crystals. Toughened glass always eco friendly when it brakes and the broken pieces can be recycled and can be processes for glass making. Toughened glass play very important role in the field of glass work as being major component and flexability of toughened glass make it very easy for the glass fabricaters to brink any design in the book. Toughened glass is one of the most advanced invention in the field of infrastructure.