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The clock relates to the speed. If the valve is turned clockwise for closing speed adjustment, for example, this increases the time that the door takes to close. Please note that in the case of fire and smoke check doors, the door closing action must be adjusted so that the door closes from an angle of 90° within a maximum of 30 seconds.

Increase the spring force and adjust the closing speed and also the latching action so that the door closes more quietly.
The ITS 96 system is not recommended for external doors that open outwards and may be exposed to wind loads. DORMA does not accept any warranty responsibilities for such arrangements.
The power lead is 80 cm long and is fed out of the operator on the control side. In the case of double doors, the connection lead is on the active leaf. A direct connection can be provided. Please consult the brochure for the position.
This is carried out for the system concerned as part of the official acceptance/approval inspection procedure. Integration and inspection must be initiated by the fire alarm system supplier (currently in preparation).

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